Research Contents

About Ohishi-Yokokura Lab.

A main research field of Ohishi-Yokokura lab. is the "Control Engineering". We study about the motion control of varied equipments, based on the control theory, robotics and power electronics.

We conduct the top-level research (i.e. "Anti-slip Re-adhesion Control for Electric Commuter Trains" and "High-speed and High-precision Tracking Control for Optical disk System") in the world. In addition, we research about the power electronics for medical equipments, force control of rehabilitation robot, high-performance motion control of industrial robot and so on.

The effectiveness of our proposal is confirmed not only by the numerical simulation using MATLAB, PSIM and Maple but also by the experiments using the actual equipments. Moreover, we have a number of collaborations with the company. Our proposed methods have been applied to the actual products of the company.

In March 2013, our laboratory was introduced in a TV program (Techno Tanken-tai, NCT co.). To watch the introduction movie, please access to HERE.

Research Theme

The specific research themes of Ohishi-Yokokura lab. are as follows.

These research themes are just the example. To see other research themes, please access to HERE.

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